Build Mourra Muscle | About Ron MourraHi I’m Ron Mourra, owner of Build Mourra Muscle, and creator of the LEAN-FIT-HEALTHY Program  I have been always promoting an active healthy lifestyle and teach all my clients to find the right exercise program that matches their lifestyle and that is age appropriate. I put the FUN back into FITNESS and teach clients to it embrace their body and health. In my opinion, Exercise is medicine for the body, mind, and spirit and we should all lead healthy, active lives.  I enjoy giving back to my community in Brantford and doing my part in making it healthier by hosting FREE SENSATIONAL SATURDAY MORNING BOOTCAMP. You can reach me at 519.865.0340 or by leaving a message on my contact page.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.

Ron Mourra (B.Sc. Hon Kin, Certified Kinesiologist – OKA)

Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Fitness Industry

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