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4 Week Transformation Client Feature – 16 lbs and 4 inches lost

Saturday, May 1, 2010 posted by ronmourra 3:53 am

I am so amped about this post! I get to showcase one of my top clients. You see every day I have the pleasure of working with awesome clients and help them get Lean-Fit-Healthy. They come from all walks of life and my role is to come up with the right strategies and Kick Butt workouts that are appropriate. This post features my Superstar client Pat who has been following all my Lean-Fit-Healthy strategies. He lost a whopping 16 lbs on the scale and 4 inches in his waist in only 4 WEEKS! Watch the video below to find out how he did it!

There you have it folks, real people with busy schedules, work and family commitments getting amazing results. Being Lean-Fit-Healthy doesn’t have to be that complicated. The first step is make the decision and commitment to getting in the best shape of your life. From there find a coach for accountability and guidance/direction.

Stay tuned folks, for more tip and FREE Workouts. Until then,

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